Luggage delayed

What to do if your luggage is delayed

You are ready to go home from the airport, but your luggage got delayed, so what do you do?

Delayed Luggage

After a long day of traveling, all you want to do is go home and lie down, but your luggage got delayed. That is a common occurrence that many people experience. However, what can you do about delayed luggage? Here are some tips that you can try if your baggage gets delayed.

Ask Around

The first thing that you should do is ask the staff at the airlines when you can expect your luggage. There is a good chance that the staff will know the estimated time that the bags will arrive. That way, you will know if you should leave the airport and come back or if you should go and do other things so you will not have to wait there all day.

Name Tags

You should make sure that all of your luggage has labels or tags that have your name or your address. That is something that you should do before boarding any plane. Many suitcases look the same or have a similar design, so someone could easily pick up yours by mistake, and that could be why your luggage got delayed. Make sure you have tags to make it clear that that is your luggage.

Know What The State Of Your Items Are

There are many things that could happen to your luggage. For instance, your luggage could either get delayed, stolen, damaged, etc. It is important to know what happened to your luggage if you want to get compensated for it. There are different procedures that you might have to follow depending on what happened to your luggage.

Keep Receipts

On the off chance that you have to wait until the next day or several days for your luggage to arrive, keep any receipts that you have. If you had to buy anything like clothes, toiletries, etc., while waiting for your luggage, the airport could help you out. Just make sure that the receipts are legitimate and have things such as the date and time you made the purchases.

Get Compensation

As we stated earlier, you need to keep the receipts to get compensation for waiting for your luggage. Most airlines will refund you for the delayed luggage. However, what happens if the airport is not willing to help you out or do not give you enough money to compensate for what you paid for while waiting? Well, that is where AirClaim comes in to provide you with a helping hand.

What Is AirClaim?

AirClaim is a business that can help you get the compensation that you deserve after waiting for hours or even days for delayed luggage. They can help you with numerous forms of compensation from airlines. They help you with delayed flights, canceled flights, etc., to help you get what you deserve. That way, you will be getting the refunds that you need for wasting your time and maybe even get more than what you originally spent!